About Dr. Larry Ward, D.C.

Dr Larry Mixing Tinctures

Scientist, Educator, Chiropractor, Advocate

Dr. Larry Wad, D.C. is one of the most qualified professionals in the USA. He is a well known speaker and trainer, teaching the next generation health practices and the benefits of chiropractic.

Dr. Larry specializes in support for all of the programs previously discussed. As a Chiropractor, he addresses the structural misalignments that occur from traumas, as well as, everyday life. He is an acupuncture expert, for all types of corrective, as well as symptomatic treatments. Dr. Larry has guest lectured at local events, as well as, local colleges, and participated/ hosted seminars for parenteral nutritive therapies.

Dr. Larry attended Parker Chiropractic College Dallas Tx., graduating in 1997. During that time he received numerous awards for his leadership performance, and knowledge and application of Chiropractic philosophy. In addition to attending The Arkansas College of Natural Medicine, Dr. Ward received his certification from Logan Chiropractic College St. Louis, for Acupuncture. Dr. Ward has taught Anatomy, Physiology, & Nutrition for the past several years at the college level. Prior to attending Chiropractic College, he attained a great deal of knowledge in herbs & nutrition via the health food industry, where he managed one of Tulsa’s premier health food stores. Dr. Ward aggressively continues to grow his knowledge in the field of natural healththrough continued educational programs.